When you are considering braces, think beyond the traditional metal and wire method. Here at Tran Dental PC, we offer FASTBRACES. This type of orthodontic treatment allows our team of dental care professionals to straighten your teeth properly. Learn more about FASTBRACES in San Antonio, Texas to see if this treatment is right for you.


FASTBRACES Technologies are a registered dental product that is used to provide orthodontic treatments. These braces correct crooked teeth, align your jawbone, and correct improper bites. The way that FASTBRACES work is using a high-performance bracket system. This system using one square wire to manage the movement of teeth from the start of treatment.

This way you cut down on how long it takes to correct the alignment of your teeth or bite. You can conclude treatment much quicker compared to conventional braces. This also saves you money on long term orthodontic treatment.

What are the Benefits of FASTBRACES?

There are two major reasons why our patients choose FASTBRACES. The first is that patients benefit from when selecting this treatment is speed. When you opt for FASTBRACES, you get just that—fast braces. The treatment time is less than 120 days for patients who have non-deep bite issues. For comprehensive orthodontic therapy, FASTBRACES takes more than 120 days. However, conventional braces require treatments that take years in comparison.

The second reason is the reduced pain. With FASTBRACES you do not have to deal with the metal brackets and poking wires of conventional braces that you wear for many months. As a result, you have less oral pain to deal with when you are wearing FASTBRACES for dental care in San Antonio, Texas.

Select FASTBRACES in San Antonio, Texas

We are ready to assist you with your orthodontic care for you and your family members in San Antonio. Along with FASTBRACES CLASSIC SERIES and the FASTBRACES TURBO SERIES, we also provide gentle dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants. To get started with FASTBRACES in San Antonio, Texas, contact our office at 210-674-3700. We look forward to assisting you and your family with dental services.

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