Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in San Antonio, TX

Dental bridges in San Antonio can correct any number of issues that a missing tooth can cause. From speech disorders to alignment nightmares, filling in the gap with a bridge can go a long way toward better oral health.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge will essentially replace a missing tooth with a procedure that uses the existing teeth on either side as anchors. Unlike a dental implant, a bridge will rely on the strength of the surrounding teeth rather than inserting a metal post into the gums. On average, a dental bridge is more cost-effective and less invasive when compared to implants.

How Do Dental Bridges Benefit Me?

A dental bridge will restore your mouth, making it easier to talk, chew, smile, etc. It reduces the odds of losing the adjacent teeth because it provides a buffer between them. This takes some pressure off as the surrounding teeth won’t have to compensate for the extra effort of chewing. It also makes dental hygiene (e.g., flossing, brushing, etc.) that much more effective. Finally, missing teeth can cause the shape of your jaw to change (and with it, the shape of your face). Bridges fight this transformation, so you can preserve your appearance.

Types of Bridges

There are several kinds of dental bridges available in San Antonio, TX:

  • Cantilever: Recommended if there isn’t a tooth on both sides of the gap.
  • Maryland: Uses a metal frame to reinforce the bridge and can include artificial gums.
  • Traditional: Secures a false tooth by attaching crowns to the teeth on either side.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

Not everyone is eligible for a dental bridge. Because this procedure relies on surrounding teeth, those teeth need to be in good condition to sustain the stress. If you are approved, you can usually complete the process in just two visits.

Your San Antonio dentist will first address any damaged areas by reshaping or reconstructing the teeth before taking an impression. That impression will be sent to a lab where they can create a mold. (During this time, you will be given a temporary bridge to wear.) During the second visit, the custom mold will be fitted to your teeth and the dentist will make adjustments on the spot.

Dental bridges in San Antonio vary by cost and quality, ranging from $250 – $2,500 per tooth and lasting anywhere from 8 – 15 years.

If you would like to learn more about dental bridges, please contact our office today or schedule an appointment online.

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